Thermostatic Benefits

What is a Thermostatic Mixer Valve?


A thermostatic mixer valve constantly mixes hot and cold water to a pre-selected temperature. Even if there is a change in the water supply, the thermostat reacts by rebalancing the quantities of hot and cold water to maintain the correct temperature. In the event of cold water supply failing the thermostat automatically shuts off the water supply within a fraction of a second to prevent scalding.

What is a thermostatic shower mixer?
A thermostatic shower mixer helps maintain a pre-selected temperature for the duration of your shower. Cyrue's thermostatic mixers are pre-set to 38ºC as this is the safest temperature for children and elderly. The thermostatic mixer protects you from any sudden changes in water supply to the shower, in the event of anyone flushing a toilet or turning on a tap so there will be no interuptions to the shower experience.

How does a thermostatic mixer work?
Cyrue's thermostatic technology is at the core of our new thermostatic shower range. The thermo safety valve's high sensitivity ensures water delivery is at the desired temperature within a fraction of a second and keeps it constant for your shower's duration. Resulting in less time, less water and less energy. In the event of cold water supply is lost, the hot water is automatically shut off to avoid the risk of scalding.



What are the benefits?

  •  Innovation & Safety
    A pre-selected water temperature will remain constant for the duration of your shower, so there ate no rude interruptions from cold chills or any risk of scalding. Cyrue's Safe-To-Touch innovation ensures the surface is never too hot to touch.
  • Convenience
    Cyrue's Mixers will maintain your pre-selected temperature for the duration of your shower. Should you wish to stop your shower momentarily, the thermostat will automatically find the pre-set temperature you had when you re-start the shower.
  • Lower costs
    Install a Cyrue thermostatic mixer and you can save water and electricity. The effciency of having a pre-set temperature means less time out of the shower waiting for it to warm up.

Do I need a thermostatic Mixer?
Yes, if you want perfect shower moments every time and ensure a safe and comfortable shower for everyone in your household. A thermostatic shower is especially important for households with senior citizens and children as their skin is thinner and more susceptible to scalds.

Are there different types of thermostatic shower mixers available?
Yes, Cyrue offers many different models of thermostatic mixers to suit your space. Our high-quality concealed and exposed thermostatic shower mixers are elegant and compliment the space they occupy. 

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